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Banbury town street map, 1954
Scan from paper copy,
published by Ed J Burrow & Co Ltd, Cheltenham and London.

This one was really hard to scan; I had to put the finished map together from 6 or 7 composite images, hence the colour variation.
This 1954 map captures a moment in Banbury's development; Queensway is a little cul-de-sac, leading nowhere, while Wood Green Avenue is under construction, linking the Broughton Road with the existing Orchard Way. Gillett Road and Deacon Way are also being built.
The only primary schools in Banbury are: Neithrop (now Orchard Fields), St Mary's, St Leonard's, Dashwood, Harriers Ground and Britannia County Infants School (now closed). Other schools include St John's Priory, the Secondary School for Boys and and Banbury County School (both now part of Banbury Academy).

The map itself is surrounded by adverts of the period, some of which I have included below.

An advert taken from the street map above: R W Messenger, Builder; W & A Collisson, Builder; Knott the Pieman Ltd.

Frank Clutterbuck, Funeral Director; Burrow's Scholastic Bureau; W J Fowler, Butcher; Midland Red Bus Company.

J F Booth & Son Ltd, Builders; Midland Marts Ltd, Estate Agents.

A G Hogben, Silversmith; Kuklos Annual from Ed J Burrow & Co Ltd.

H S Lester, Turf Accountant; Percy Gilkes Ltd, Newsagents.

Watson's Free House, High St; Frances, Florist; Trinder Bros, Cycle Shop.


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