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Banbury Maps Side-by-Side

1797 and 1833
Small change are visible; particularly the the east of the town, as a result of the new railway stations.


1833 and 1893
Development close to the railway lines in Grimsbury, to the south near the new hospital (Hightown Road) and to the west in Neithrop (Bath Rd, Queens Rd and Park Rd).


1893 and 1919
Post-World War One, the world may have changed but Banbury has altered very little.


1919 and 1924
The 1924 map shows less detail, but it is still possible to see that very little has changed.


1924 and 1946
Post World War One, the new Easington estate (Springfield Avenue etc) has been built and there are also developments along the Warwick Road (Cromwell Road and Ruscote Avenue). To the east there is also expansion in Grimsbury. In Neithrop, Kings Road has appeared.


1946 and 1953
Further development in Grimsbury to the east and Neithrop to the west (Bretch Hill & Ruscote).


1953 and 1958 (Banbury north only)
There is really no discernable change between these two maps, to the north of the town, anyway.


1958 and 1964
Expansion takes a breather; again,very little change shown between these two maps.


1964 and 1968
To the south the Timms Estate, and the growth of Bodicote; to the west, the construction of the Bretch Hill and Ruscote estates
. To the south-west, Quennsway and Poets Corner.

1968 and 1984
The most noticeable developments are to the south (Cherwell Heights), between the Broughton and Bloxham Roads, to the west towards Drayton, and to the north (Hardwick estate).

1984 and 1986.
Although the 1986 Pathfinder map covers only the south of Banbury, it is possible to see small changes - both the Timms Estate and Cherwell Heights Estates have expanded slightly to fill the available space. Bodicote also has new development between Broad Gap and Weeping Cross.


1986 and 1991
Both of these Pathfinder maps show only one half of Banbury. The most noticeable addition to the town is the M40 motorway, seen in the 1991 map to the east of Banbury. Construction of this stretch of the motorway began in early 1988 and was complete by 1991. The motorway was originally planned to be built on the eastern side of Middleton Cheney, but a local landowner refused permission, so Junction 11 was constructed 1.5 miles further west.


1991 and 1999
To the east, there is further development in Grimsbury.


1999 and 2006
There are smaller changes to the west in Bretch Hill and to the east in the industrial areas near the motorway; but to the north is the beginning of the new Hanwell Fields development.


Finally, 1833 and 2006 to the same scale - what we were and what we have become over the last 173 years.



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