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Banbury town & Bodicote, 1924
Scan from paper copy of Bartholomews Revised Half Inch to Mile, Sheet 24 Oxfordshire, original cost 3 shillings.

Very little change indeed from the 1893 map. However, before the start of World War Two in 1939, the Easington estate (Springfield Avenue etc.) will be built as well as the new developments along the Warwick Road (Ruscote Avenue and Cromwell Road).
Note also that road numbers appear for the first time; the Southam Road north is now the A423, while the Warwick Road is the A41 and the Bloxham Road is the A361. Road numbers were introduced in 1923, shortly after the formation of the Ministry of Transport in 1919.
Red and white dashed roads on this map are "secondary" roads (B roads). Solid red roads are A roads.

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