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Between 1948 and 1951 a study of Banbury was undertaken by researcher Margaret Stacey (published as the book "Tradition & Change"). At this time, the population of the town was 19,000, having grown from 13,000 in 1931. By 1966 Banbury had overspill agreements with Birmingham City Council and the Greater London Council, and its population had reached 25,000. These overspill agreements would push the population up still further to 40,000 - hence the rapid expansion of the town in the 1960s and early 1970s.


An antiqued parchment replica of the 1610 John Speede map of Oxfordshire, reproduced by kind permission of the publishers, The Old Map Co., Penzance.
Visit their website at www.oldmap.co.uk for other John Speede county maps.
John Speede’s "Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine" was published in 1611/12. It was the first time that maps of English and Welsh counties and towns were available in print.
The atlas was so successful that the maps within were used by both sides in the English Civil War (1642-1651).

An extract from the 1765 map of Oxfordshire, taken from Thomas Kitchen’s "English Atlas: Or, A Compleat Set of Maps Of All The Counties of England and Wales".
This reproduction of the original, beautiful, coloured map, produced during the reign of George III, evokes the age of the stagecoach.

An extract from "New Map of the County of Oxford, from an actual survey", 1797 by Richard Davis of Lewknor, Topographer to his Majesty.
This is a reproduction of the map of Banbury, taken from the above atlas, which was published during the reign of King George III.

Banbury sheet no 61 - reprint of the first edition of the one inch Ordnance Survey of England and Wales
originally published at the Tower of London on 1st October 1833 by Lieut. Colonel Colby of the Royal Engineers.
A really beautiful map which brings the contours of the land to life.

Extract from One Inch to the Mile Ordnance Survey sheet 201, published 1893.

First published by the Director General, at the Ordnance Survey Office, Southampton, 1919.
One Inch to One Mile Ordnance Survey Contoured Road Map, Popular Edition, Sheet 83 Northampton.

Bartholomew's Revised Half Inch to Mile for Motorists & Cyclists, Sheet 24 Oxfordshire.
No disrespect to the Ordnance Survey, but I really love the old Bartholomew's maps. Such beautiful colours.


Full revision 1930 with later corrections, published 1946. One Inch Ordnance Survey Map Sheet 145, original cost 2 shillings & threepence.

Fully revised 1949-1950, published 1953. One Inch Ordnance Survey Map Sheet 145, original cost 5 shillings & sixpence.

1954 Burrow's Pointer Guide Map of Banbury, Fifth Edition, Ed J Burrow & Co Ltd, Cheltenham & London (street map).


Ordance Survey 1:25000 First Series, Sheet SP 44 (Banbury North)


Geological Survey of Great Britain (England & Wales), Solid and Drift, Sheet 201


Ordnance Survey One Inch Map Sheet 145 (original cost 6/6).

Ordnance Survey One Inch Map Sheet 145 (original cost 6/6).

1980s street map of Banbury
Published by Viking Publicity, Winchcombe. Undated but adverts suggest 1980s.


Ordnance Survey Landranger 151 Stratford & Surrounding Area scale 1:50000.

Ordnance Survey Pathfinder Sheet SP 43/53 Brackley & Banbury (South) scale 1:25000.

(Revised for selected change 1991) Ordnance Survey Pathfinder Sheet 1022 (was SP 44/54) Banbury (North) scale 1:25000.

1995 street map of Banbury
Published by Codair Design & Publicity Ltd, Colchester.

Banbury, Bicester & Chipping Norton Ordnance Survey Explorer Map 1:25000 Sheet 191 (2.5 inches to 1 mile).

Banbury, Bicester & Chipping Norton Ordnance Survey Explorer Map Sheet 191 1:25000.


Most maps used on this site were published by the Ordnance Survey and are reproduced here under licence 100053496 for educational and research puposes only. Contact webmaster.